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Community Development Conference (Part 3)

Community Development Conference (Part 2)
508 responses received

                                                                                            Fall 2018

Community Development Conference (Part 2)
508 responses received


Community Development Conference (Part 2)
508 responses received


Community Development Conference (Part 2)
508 responses received


The Community Development Initiative (CDI) is organized by a team of community members in conjunction with the New Raman Reti Board of Directors.

Our vision: A loving and well connected family of Krishna devotees, spiritual aspirants, and friends fulfilling Srila Prabhupada’s Mission.

Our Mission: To empower and assist our congregation to live happily in New Raman Reti by giving devotees a voice and building a shared vision which will maximize the long term potential of our temple and community.

CDI Goals

Let your voice be heard

  • Create a safe space for sharing
  • Identify needs, interests & concerns
  • Increase awareness for management & community

Build a shared vision

  • Create a platform for improved communication between temple & community
  • Identify long & short term goals
  • Cooperate in honor of Srila Prabhupada

Community empowerment

  • Strengthen relationships amongst devotees
  • Enhance our ability to serve together
  • Help develop programs & resources in NRR

Conference Goals

Conference 1 EXPLORE

  • New Raman Reti’s History
  • Gauge community pulse
  • Identify top focus areas
  • Reveal our hearts in confidence

Conference 2 ANALYZE

  • Connect around shared interests
  • Analyze top focus areas
  • Identify our hopes for the future

Conference 3 IMPLEMENT

  • Community empowerment
  • Develop action plans
  • Focus on appreciation


Community Survey

History Presentation

CDI Handbook



Namamrita Das

Nila Das

Janmastami Das

Sukhada Dasi

Jay Radhe Dasi

Jay Sri Krishna Das

Pranaya Keli Dasi

Aravinda Das

Kumari Kunti Dasi


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